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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Three Etsy Treasuries - Hooray!

I always appreciate it when my beads are chosen to be featured in an Etsy Treasury. Currently there are three of them and each one is quite diverse.

Treasury A is titled Forest. I love the diverse products that fit the theme. If you can't tell, my Large Tree Bead is the third row down and second across. I made it either as a very large focal or for customers who like to use them on bead stands.

I have to say, I am quite enchanted by the Summer Felted Handbag by Kokoon. Handbags are one of my vices and this one is organic and beautiful.

The treasury was chosen by JuliaFelt on Etsy. Pop by her shop for some beautiful items. I'm partial to her Autumn Bag.

The next Treasury, UWIB Puts The Fun In Funky, has a great mix of items by Street Team members. The initials stand for United Women in Business. If you're interested in joining, please ask me about it. They do a great job promoting and supporting each others' shops. You can see my cactus in the center of the top row.

This Treasury was created by JMJ Creations. I visited her shop and found a really cool pair of earrings called Diva Drops. And seeing that it's my Street Team, I can't pick a favorite item from this treasury, but I must say that I love robots!

And the final third treasury, (wow, this week was really generous, wasn't it?)... well it's called "Colour"
and these colors really make me smile. I love the light bright ones.

This was chosen by Cynmb. I wish I could show you
her shop, but Cyn is an Etsy buyer and according to her feedback, very much loved. I know my messages with her were so very nice.

Anyhow, Cyn chose my little aqua rocket focal bead with 4 fire power boosters on the bottom. I had fun making it.

And if you've read the rest of my blog today, I bet you can guess which item is singing to me. Go ahead and guess.

Treasury will have disappeared after you click the links after a few days. Treasuries only last 2-3 days and then are gone. So enjoy the photos, click if you can and support my fellow Etsy artists and Treasury makers.

It always is so interesting to me to see what items someone will choose and the themes that go with them. Each of these are so different and yet have one of my beads in common with the rest.

See you tomorrow with some glass chat. I've got a topic that I think you'll like.