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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Growing Crazy Mushrooms ...

I think I have mushroom envy.  My friends are posting photos of purple, green and multihued mushrooms from their yards.  Honestly, I was feeling kind of left out.  Oh yeah I have a few mushrooms, but they're brown, and kind of look like pancakes that have set out too long.  So what does a glass artist do?  Well of course, we make what we don't have.  I decided to make some with faces.  Why not?  This blue one is hanging out on my tree roots with some moss.  A perfect place for him.

...and he needed someone to keep him company, so this one has little arms and pink cheeks.  Must be a younger version.

Have to say I was fully entertained making them, but I need to get back to my usual lampwork glass beads.  Please follow me on Instagram - @MarcyLamberson  or on Facebook @StudioMarcy

Friday, August 17, 2018

The Flaming Bacon Tiara Quandry

The Flaming Bacon Tiara Quandry... the other day on facebook, I posted a photo of a Flame Tiara that I had made. I had used a filter (Oh I felt so artistic) and many of the folks who saw the post thought I had made a bacon tiara. Which made me laugh, because that is not beyond something I'd do. Honestly, I love bacon almost as much as i love a good flame. (that's what we use to melt our glass- 2,000 degrees of flame) So I took a non filtered photo of the flames in the sunlight. See the third photo and folks agreed, that does look a lot more like a flame.
So I cooked up some bacon and made a bacon tiara. (see left photo) I learned a few things... 1. just cooked bacon can not be held together by packing tape. It doesn't stick. 2. I can not ignore bacon or the scent of it 3. T pins work great for holding your bacon together for the quick photo 4. a little bit of saran wrap will protect both the bacon and your hair from each other.
In conclusion, artistic filters don't always achieve their goals when used, bacon is tasty any time of the day and I will make a glass bacon tiara one of these days. Because it would be fun!
If you are looking for either a flame or a bacon tiara - made on a metal base, please message me.

You can find me on Facebook by searching StudioMarcy or Marcy Lamberson, or join my private group "Glass Art & Beads by Marcy Lamberson".  You can also find me on Instagram @MarcyLamberson or on Pinterest too.    Catch you later!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Neutral About It

I love working in glass with lots of color, but sometimes neutrals are a satisfying change.  That's the case with this seahorse (sold).  She has pink cheeks (CiM's Desert Pink for you glass friends who are wondering) but the rest is ivory, silvered ivory and some of Double Helix's murrine for eyes.  Her snout is one of the most fun parts to make- from thick to thin to widening out at the end.  It just takes a bit of heat control. So expect most of my beads to be colorful, because that fits with my whimsical style.  Neutral has a place in my heart too!