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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Growing Crazy Mushrooms ...

I think I have mushroom envy.  My friends are posting photos of purple, green and multihued mushrooms from their yards.  Honestly, I was feeling kind of left out.  Oh yeah I have a few mushrooms, but they're brown, and kind of look like pancakes that have set out too long.  So what does a glass artist do?  Well of course, we make what we don't have.  I decided to make some with faces.  Why not?  This blue one is hanging out on my tree roots with some moss.  A perfect place for him.

...and he needed someone to keep him company, so this one has little arms and pink cheeks.  Must be a younger version.

Have to say I was fully entertained making them, but I need to get back to my usual lampwork glass beads.  Please follow me on Instagram - @MarcyLamberson  or on Facebook @StudioMarcy

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