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Friday, June 29, 2012

One of Those Days

I had to laugh when I saw this child's chair by Wary Meyers.  The tongue is actually a cushion. It kind of reminds me of an extended whoppee cushion.  Oh the joys of being young.

I think we can all imagine the off color jokes, if it were made for adults. (and please careful with the comments - need to keep this blog "family friendly" ha, ha!)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Facebook's Email Change

So just the other day, Facebook changed your listed email address to your name with That means it is your primary listed email address now, but don't worry, it's easy to change back, if you'd like.

First, click on "about" link that is below your profile photo...

Then scroll down to the "Contact" info and click on "edit".
Now look at the email section.  See how the facebook email address has been added?  So now you can click on those little circles on the right side to arrange your emails the way you want them.  And don't forget to save everything.

Pretty easy, right?  Thanks to Gizmodo for bringing it to my attention and the tutorial on how to fix things.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bellevue Beads at the Park 5K/ Fun Run at the Gathering

  • I just heard that there will be a 5/K sponsored by Beads of Courage on the Sunday morning of the Gathering.  I wanted to give you the full lowdown.  It looks like a lot of fun and will be a nice fundraiser for them.  Such a worthy group!  However, there is a conflict for me, due to the speakers starting at 9 am.  I am going to opt for what they call the "Sleep In and get the T-shirt category".  That way, I won't miss any speakers, but can still participate.  It's a win/win situation...even if I don't get the extra hours of sleep!  Read below for the details.  Hope you can attend.

  • Sunday in the Park with Beads of Courage, July 29th, 8:30 a.m.  Bellevue, WA during the Gathering.
    Register online at

    We invite you to TEAM Beads of Courage 5k and Kids Fun Run to benefit Beads of Courage Inc., a Tucson-based charity that provides innovative, arts-in-medicine programs for children coping with cancer and other serious illness. Beads of Courage helps children RECORD, TELL and OWN their stories of COURAGE.

    Additional Information
    This run starts and finishes in Robinswood Community Park. All 5k registered participants will receive an official Beads of Courage Team Beads Packet.

    Each packet contains two beads, one bead you keep as a symbol of your support of a child in our Program, and the other bead we request that you carry during your race and return, packaged with a note of encouragement. This bead will be given to a child in the Beads of Courage Program to provide a powerful source of encouragement.

    Unique awards to First Man/Woman and the top three finishers in 5k divisions.
    All Kids Fun Run participants receive a special Bead Award. Beads collected and funds raised support BOC Program at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

    Bib Pickup: Road Runner Sports 12200 Northup Way Bellevue, WA 98005 Sat., July 28, 2012 10 am-1 pm Day of Race at event: 8:00 a.m
  • Don't forget, click HERE for more info!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Resin-ate. Today Is The Day!

This morning I'm headed over to my friend Linda's house for a quick lesson on using resin materials.  I would like to make small rivers and ponds with it. Watching to learn is one of my favorite ways to see, hear and be able to ask all my questions.  (and anyone who has taught me knows, I do that a lot!)

So it will take some time to dry and I'm guessing all of these experiments will live at Linda's house, until  I can see her again, so there might not be photos for awhile.  But meanwhile, help put me into that zen zone...think peaceful streams and water.  Fish swimming happily below the surface.  Perhaps a water lily on top of the surface.  Send me those good vibes and I'll let you know how we did.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sixty Ladybugs for Beads of Courage...Done!

It's bug season.  Ladybug Stars for Beads of Courage have been populating my studio recently.  You can see most of the 60 that I completed in this photo.  I have made it as a limited edition 100 beads and all are completed now. (can you see me doing a happy dance over here?)

This bead was designed by a young Pittsburgh patient for Beads of Courage.  I took her drawing, and did my best to interpret it in glass.  We even emailed, so we could come up with a design on the back-  which is the flower that you see.  You can buy these fundraising beads from Beads of Courage here.

And of course, I have to tell you about the BoC book.  My bead is on the cover along with the Jester bead that my friend Stephanie White made.  You can find the $14 book here.  It's a small book that has photos of each of the beads offered.  The different ones were each designed by someone associated with Beads of Courage- patients, medical staff, etc.  And then interpreted by members of the lampwork community.

So I know that this post is kind of a sales pitch, but it's for a great cause and not for me.  I love this organization and have personally seen what a difference it makes in these kids and their family's lives during their illness.  And it makes me see the strength and courage it takes to get through all of it.  I am in awe.

Hope you have a wonderful week.  See you right here tomorrow!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mauro- need photo sun 24


Level Beginner

October 08 - 12, 2012 - 

20 HOURS: 9.00 AM-1.00 PM;

TEACHER: Mauro Vianello 

Min 4 max 10 students.

Price euro 550 all included
(2 or more people coming together 500 each)

On request we can help you for housing in single/double room in Venice.

Course description:
The course is designed for beginning students. Therefore, no prior formal training or experience is required.
The course is designed to make students know, learn and reproduce small glass objects (with coefficient of expansion 104 Murano glass) by using the lampworking (or flameworking) technique. 

Mauro Vianello lives in Murano. He began his craft of handwork glass at a young age in one of the most renowned glasswork shops of Murano. His dearest friend Vanni (who is skilful in the handcraft of glass by lampworking) taught him the techniques of hand crafting which allowed him to explore his creativity. After developing a familiarity and talent with this kind of craft, he decided to start his own workshop in the heart of Venice. This project was achieved a few years later once he found a convenient place where he could make himself a name. MV ' s creations can be admired after long periods of study and project during which these pieces are transformed from a simple drawing into such sophisticated handcraft products that in most cases remain unique and unrepeatable. His studio now is near Campo San Cassan in Calle dei Morti (Sestiere of Santa Croce) 2251, 7 minutes from Rialto bridge.

Students are kindly request to have their own Insurance

Info at

Friday, June 22, 2012

Flip Flopping in the Grass

The comfort of walking on grass with the extra protection of a little bit of sole.  What says it better than KUSA's Grass Flip Flops?  Now you don't need to water this grass, it's synthetic.  If you are looking for your own little patch of lawn, you can buy them  here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Writing Artist Statements

I was recently helping a friend write an Artist Statement for a juried show.  It seems like statements flow all the way from being rather succinct to artistically flowery.

Leaning more towards the former than the latter, I want a statement to use language that everyone understands. Yet, it needs to bring out a little of what is "inside" the artist as well.  And not being an expert in any way, I did a little research to see what is said about writing one.

There are lots of great samples and sites that focus on this topic.  You can find them by googling "artist statement examples".  There were a few that drew me in.  The most humorous was the Critical Response to Artistic Product, (yes, you can figure out that acronym) generator.  You can find it here.  Not for humor, but more serious content, I liked this one and this one.

One of the points made is although as artists we want to communicate visually, but our society mostly communicates verbally.  And we need them to work together to optimize what we are saying through our art.  That made a lot of sense.

So tell me your experience with writing artist statements.  Any tips or tricks?  Anything memorable from the process.  I'd love to hear.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snake in My Life..A Good Thing?


Wisdom, Healing, Initiation
The symbol of eternity

I was kayaking this past weekend, and as I was getting out of the kayak, this snake zipped past me and onto the shore.  It had a fat little catfish in it's mouth and was intent on a tasty dinner.

Not being a huge fan of snakes, especially ones that I not only couldn't identify, but also apparently had been swimming nearby, I headed up the bank for my iPad to document it.  After posting on Facebook, it appears that it is probably a juvenile brown watersnake that looks a little too close to a cottonmouth snake.  (love that name, reminds me of my misspent youth, ha ha)

Anyhow, Dana Haan posted this information, and I thought it is a lovely way to give Mother Nature an additional spin.

This a powerful totem -- it is
the symbol of transformation and healing.
The Snake is wisdom expressed through healing.
It is a protector and guardian totem,
along with its sister totems, the Dragon and the Serpent.
If a snake totem has come into your life, your creative forces are awakening.
Your intuition will sharpen and be more accurate.
Snake energy is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and
the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance.
It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation.
It also signals a transition in your life.
New opportunities and/or changes.
Snake is fire medicine, the medicine of transmutation.
On a material level, it is vitality; on an emotional level, it is ambition and dreams;
on a mental level, it is intellect and power; on a spiritual level (the highest level),
it is wisdom, understanding and wholeness.
Snake magic is heavy magic. 
Become the Magician and transmute the energy and accept the power of the fire.
The Snake is one of the symbols of Thoth.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ISGB Members...Need Your Dog Photos Please!

I am working on my presentation for the ISGB Gathering this year.  I'm demonstrating how to make a sculptural dog.  So perhaps you can be part of this too.  I would love to have members of the ISGB send me your photo of your dog (and you in the photo too, if you'd like.)

I need your name, your dog's name and breed and as large a photo as possible because you'll be on the big screen!  Can you send it by Saturday please?  I will try to get as many photos into the presentation as possible. I hope you will be there for this fun.

Here is my email:  Thanks for joining in on this project.  Your furry friend could become famous, who knows??

Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Pizza

British company, Let's Pizza provides hot pizza vending machines in Europe and is now planning to come to the States.  This is not frozen premade pizza, but kneaded and the buyer is able to select ingredients.  It takes approximately 2.5 minutes to make.

Atlanta has just gotten into the food truck industry in the last few years, so I hope we've progressed enough to have these too.  Sounds like fun to me.  (and of course reminds me of the old jokes about sliding pizza under the door.)  You can see their website here.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day.  Whether you're a dad, or just have/ had one.  Wishing you a happy day today and every day.

I try to keep most of my family out of my blog, but am including a picture of Keith today, my sweet husband of almost 34 years and a great dad to our two kids.

Here's wishing you a happy day.  I think we might be headed to the mountains to do a little kayaking...and definitely will take time for a small celebration.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lampwork Etc. Exchange

I just received my box of goodies from the most recent LE Exchange, "You Pick 8".  It is a delightful group of beadmakers who each can pick an inspiration picture and then the members make a bead that relates to it.

You can see some of my inspiration picture in the top right corner of this photo.  I was careful to include colors that could be found, a variety of the design- from complicated to easier, and which could be translated in many ways.  By looking at the photo, you can see that design was interpreted in many different ways and each was a treat.

If you like a challenge that keeps you on your toes, this is a good one.  Each participant chooses something that is interesting to them.  And boy do we get a variety!

I am looking forward to seeing what I make with my new loot.  Each one is in colors I love, so that will be a pleasure.

See you Sunday!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Early Morning

Water, like glass, has a gorgeous reflective quality especially in the early morning hours.  I wanted to share this photo from last weekend.  It was taken with my iPad, during a rare few minutes that the sun shone through the clouds  It was low tide and folks were running, walking and exercising their dogs.  I love the scale of the human figures in this shot.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet Some of My New Friends

We're just back from a weekend at the beach.  It was cloudy almost the entire time and even rained a bit, but looking at the bright side, that's always great for taking photos, the beaches aren't as crowded and we had fun checking out St. Simons as well.

So the first photo is of my two buddies.  I thought the shell was empty until the end of my walk and all of a sudden a bunch of little crab legs came out of the shell.  That one got popped back into a tide pool quickly.  And the Starfish was pretty quiet too at first.  Another one that I thought was already a goner. Then I flipped him over for some photos and all of a sudden, a few of the little legs started to move. Yikes!  Back into the ocean this one went.

This is the last of my buddies.  I called him Louie. Louie had gone over the rainbow already, but I thought you might want to see his lovely blue markings.  Aren't the colors of nature interesting?

I'll have some more of my photos for you soon.  But I'll leave you with a question.  How often do you see starfish pictured in that color?  Not too often, right? I wonder if people would ever want glass ones looking like that?  They're quite striking, but don't read "summer" or "ocean" necessarily.  Yet, they are.  So what do you think?  Should I make some to reflect the real Georgia starfish, or stick with my ivory colored ones?  I'm hoping you have an opinion.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Corning Live Glass Demo Tomorrow... Online!

Corning is offering a live streaming class by Karina Guevin and Cedric Ginart through their Ustream channel from 11 am - 12 pm (Eastern time) tomorrow.

It will include boro and soft glass techniques.   According to the email announcement, it will include basic techniques with flairs and twists.  I like that!

You don't need to register to watch or anything...just show up.  Here is the link to their channel..  You can also find additional classes that have been streamed there as well.  It's a lot of fun to watch.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bags On My Eyes

Are you wondering what this is?  Well, it's a little purse.  And the eye blinks!  
I recently ordered a similar one to this and will be sporting it around the Gathering for your and my amusement, if you are attending.  I will be winking at you.  It not only amused me, but the eye color is similar to mine.  I rationalized the purchase by insisting to myself that it was a "sign".

It's small and fits a cell phone and probably the loose change that will be all I have left after shopping at the Vendors.

I know you'd like a link, but I don't have it.  Once it arrives, I'll give you a follow up with the info.  Lucky my kids are grown up, or I'd lose them too.  lol!  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hola! Dora the Explorer

There was a request for a special Dora bead for a special 4 year old little girl through Beads of Courage.
Ashley from Beads of Courage lets us beadmakers know, when it is important to make it quickly and get it in.  I understand the meaning and was able to respond for this one.

I was especially happy she had chosen Dora because Dora represents Courage.  And that is a big part of what this wonderful Beads of Courage is about.

Here's hoping this little Dora bead is enjoyed for many years to come. Wishing strength and courage for its new owner. <3

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fingertip Rings

So what do you think about fingertip rings?  These are made to just rest on the nail bed and you can find them HERE.

Seems to me, that if they take off, there are some pretty fun options for all of us artisans to add our bits of flair to the concept and make them different.

How would you add your style to this concept?  Or wouldn't you?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What a Fox!

I am working on a new project and decided that I might need a fox for it.  So here is my first effort.

My second one will look closer to this photo, which I should have printed prior to melting the glass..but oh well, I have plenty of glass left to make more.  I must be making too many dogs, because the muzzle looks more like a police dog, than the fox.  But in fairness, the bead is small, about the size of the first joint in my thumb.  (who needs rulers when we have thumbs to measure with? Ha, ha!)

So I look forward to showing you my next iteration of a fox.  I love making the face only beads and those come out well, but making tiny full body ones, will take another try.  The second one will have a different snout, slimmer tail, possibly longer legs, but honestly there's a trade off between what should be and what works better for strength, and there will be a bit more white around the face and other parts of the body.

Wondering why I'm showing you my not quite successful one?  Because seldom do we do super well on our first try.  And it's good to see that even with this many years of melting glass, each new attempt is a learning opportunity.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rings...and More Rings

I have a full tray of handmade flamework glass flowers on adjustable metal rings waiting to be listed in my shop.

Most are "Statement Ring" size.  They really show up on your hands and are lively and fun.  I have some smaller ones as well, which are for the women who also love the handmade artisan style, but prefer to use their "inside voice " as my son says.  Both sizes also have some more geometric and also organic styles along with the whimsical garden flower variety.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Win a Torch Contest! Celebrate with FlameTree Glass

I copied this straight from FlameTree Glass's website,  This is a wonderful half day of celebration and a really nice glass sale.  FlameTree is my hometown glass studio and I think they are great - with advice, customer service and just being really great folks.
Hope you can join them on June 23rd and if not, perhaps grab some of the great deals and enter their contest.  
And by the way, I am not a celebrity.  They were just being kind and I am honored to have been asked to help judge the contest.  And I'm afraid no bribes this time.  I will be scrupulously careful to do my job!
Read on!

FlameTree Glass, Inc. is celebrating their 10 year anniversary on June 23 2012!  Who would have guessed we made it all the way from our small garage to where we are today.  With a beautiful glass gallery, hi-tech studio and international instructors we continue the age old tradition of lampworking glass into fine pieces of art.  We give thanks to all our customers for their support throughout these many years.  We will continue to dedicate ourselves to good customer service and knowledgeable assistance.  We will keep up our commitment to education and active community participation.

 Free torch time on June 23 Sat 12-6pm
Come join the fun as we open the studio for free torch time.  There will be food, fun and some surprise demos.  Bring your favorite tools and eyewear.  We will provide some of the glass and mandrels needed.  Eyewear will be required at all times in studio. 

FlameTree 10th Anniversary Sale June 23 2012!
35% off
Effetre, Vetrofond and Messy Color Rods
No minimums except for the .25 per color.
10% off
Borosilicate Clear Rod and Color Rod
Sale does not apply to assortments, dichroics, stringers, powders & frit. or borosilicate tubing.  While supplies last.  No backorder discounts.

10th Anniversary Themes
Traditional: Tin or aluminum. The pliability of tin and aluminum is a symbol of how success needs to be flexible and durable and how it can be bent without being broken.
Modern: Diamond - durable and beautiful.  blue sapphire.  color: silver or blue

FlameTree 10th Anniversary Bead Contest! 
Win a Glass Torch Technologies Scorpion Torch!
Create the best flameworked bead using the 10th anniversary theme; such as, blue glass, silvered glass, metallic glass, silver foils, dichroic, fumed or CZs.  You can use a combination of any of these listed items for your bead.  Entries will be judged on creativity, detail and use of imagination with the 10th Anniversary Theme.  Winning Entries become the property of Glass Torch Technologies to be put on display in their glass gallery. All other entries will be returned to sender.  Only one entry per category per person.  Deadline to receive entry is June 21 2012.

FlameTree 10th Anniversary Marble Contest! 
Win a Glass Torch Technologies Sidewinder Torch!
Create the best flameworked marble using the 10th anniversary theme; such as, blue glass, silvered glass, metallic glass, silver foils, dichroic, fumed or CZs.  You can use a combination of any of these listed items for your marble.  Entries will be judged on creativity, detail and use of imagination with the 10th Anniversary Theme.  Winning Entries become the property of Glass Torch Technologies to be put on display in their glass gallery. All other entries will be returned to sender.  Only one entry per category per person.  Deadline to receive entry is June 21 2012.
Winners will be announced June 23 2012 during open house and at
Send or bring entries to 
FlameTree 10th Anniversary Contest
470 S. Atlanta St.
Roswell, GA 30075
Please include contact information name, address, phone, email and or website.  Shipping for prizes not included.  Return shipping for international entries not included.  Please include a return address on all entries.  Please let us know if you would like to donate your entry to the Beads of Courage Program or have on it display at the FlameTree Gallery.  Contest is open to all levels of experience.
Judges include:
Mega-Superstar Hans Godo Frabel
Celebrity lampworker Marcy Lamberson
also Lance & Maureen McRorie.
Contest sponsored by Glass Torch Technologies

Monday, June 4, 2012

One Tree Bead

Do you ever make something because you want to see if you can do it?  Well that was the basis for this Tree bead that ended up morphing into more,'

I wanted to see if I could form a horizontally oriented bead with a hole in the middle.  (yes I can!)  So the hole runs sideways with the tree's hole in the middle.  It was kind of like making a green donut!

This fun bead is available in my Etsy shop, just click here.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Have you been on the addictive website for online auctions yet?  Oh it is so easy to spend money there.  You get involved checking out what's for sale, finding out what it goes for and reading all the comments (the audience can chat and ask questions while they are going on).  

Some folks selling do quite well and others... not as well.  You might try it, if you have a great product that appeals to who attends them.  As for me, yes, I have succumbed to the online frenzy and have bought a few things.  I sometimes need to remind myself.."walk away from the computer. you don't need that."  ;)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Playgrounds for the Imaginative

Danish based  playground design firm, Monstrum, creates imaginative areas for kids of all ages.

I particularly like this spider one, but also saw whales, funny buildings, interesting shapes and more on their website.

My kids grew up with tipis and pirate ships, but I know would have loved some of these too.  We were always scouting out new play areas that would be "different".  I think this could have been a favorite.