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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet Some of My New Friends

We're just back from a weekend at the beach.  It was cloudy almost the entire time and even rained a bit, but looking at the bright side, that's always great for taking photos, the beaches aren't as crowded and we had fun checking out St. Simons as well.

So the first photo is of my two buddies.  I thought the shell was empty until the end of my walk and all of a sudden a bunch of little crab legs came out of the shell.  That one got popped back into a tide pool quickly.  And the Starfish was pretty quiet too at first.  Another one that I thought was already a goner. Then I flipped him over for some photos and all of a sudden, a few of the little legs started to move. Yikes!  Back into the ocean this one went.

This is the last of my buddies.  I called him Louie. Louie had gone over the rainbow already, but I thought you might want to see his lovely blue markings.  Aren't the colors of nature interesting?

I'll have some more of my photos for you soon.  But I'll leave you with a question.  How often do you see starfish pictured in that color?  Not too often, right? I wonder if people would ever want glass ones looking like that?  They're quite striking, but don't read "summer" or "ocean" necessarily.  Yet, they are.  So what do you think?  Should I make some to reflect the real Georgia starfish, or stick with my ivory colored ones?  I'm hoping you have an opinion.

See you tomorrow.