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Monday, July 6, 2015

Finding the Right Camera Angle

Finding the right camera angle on sculptural beads sometimes is easy and sometimes, not so easy.  Here is one of my "Bird in Hand" beads.  The hole goes vertically through the middle.

Sometimes, it's just what is the part that should be the focal part of the bead.  Is it the hand, the bird, or the combination.  The hand is the harder part to make, and the bird is the colorful focus.  So I want both.  The technical detail needs to be showcased for adding value. For a beadmaker,  that's the hand. Keeping the fingers extending and and all a bit different, takes experience and technique.  The bird is far easier to make, but adds charm for the viewer and wearer.  Being blue, it could be interpreted as a bluebird of happiness.

So for me, I prefer the bottom photo.  The bird looks cute and chubby.  The hand shows enough for the viewer to see that there are individual fingers cradling the bird.  Which view do you prefer and why?