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Monday, November 16, 2015

Den of Foxy Beads

I'm gearing up for my next online trunk show starting tomorrow. As it gets closer, I start worrying whether I will have enough beads for it.  So some days, I get on a roll and make a few of something.  As you can tell, recently, it was foxes.  I think I have enough for a family.  I like these for necklaces, but probably even more for Christmas tree ornaments. 

No they don't have any bling, nor are they particularly bright and shiny.  But I tend to like bits of "nature" on my tree.  I probably have more bird ornaments than anything, but I love the hedgehogs, raccoon, foxes and all other woodland ornaments tucked into the boughs like they are little treasures to be found.  

I also like making little vignettes, so I've made some trees to sell too. They stand on their own and on some, I've added sparkly silver glass to add a little bling.  and others are the simple tree.  For my modern friends, I made some red, purple and turquoise trees too.  Aw what the heck, they look fun.

See you next week. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Can We Talk?

Zeus, my administrative assistant has been listening to the new studio employees' views on the holiday beads, snow globes and glass cloches that we've been making around here. 

He has nixed the idea of cheese ornaments, but thinks perhaps "fish" might be a pretty good idea.  I need a little convincing.

Meanwhile, I've been making sheep snow globes (this one is based on the Swiss Vallais Blacknose Sheep), and other holiday animals, people and other entertaining fun stuff.  I'll get some more photos ready for next week.  See you then!