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Monday, November 16, 2015

Den of Foxy Beads

I'm gearing up for my next online trunk show starting tomorrow. As it gets closer, I start worrying whether I will have enough beads for it.  So some days, I get on a roll and make a few of something.  As you can tell, recently, it was foxes.  I think I have enough for a family.  I like these for necklaces, but probably even more for Christmas tree ornaments. 

No they don't have any bling, nor are they particularly bright and shiny.  But I tend to like bits of "nature" on my tree.  I probably have more bird ornaments than anything, but I love the hedgehogs, raccoon, foxes and all other woodland ornaments tucked into the boughs like they are little treasures to be found.  

I also like making little vignettes, so I've made some trees to sell too. They stand on their own and on some, I've added sparkly silver glass to add a little bling.  and others are the simple tree.  For my modern friends, I made some red, purple and turquoise trees too.  Aw what the heck, they look fun.

See you next week. 

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