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Monday, May 2, 2016

These are a few of my favorite things....

Glass handmade lampwork beads and sculptures by Marcy Lamberson.  You can also find me as StudioMarcy on
Bears and...
fish and...
flowers and....
a pig with wings...

These are a few of my favorite things!  

If you have a minute, pop by my online trunk show.

Starts tonight, Monday @ 11pm EDT and continues with new beads going up daily through Wednesday @10pm EDT.  Come join the fun.  Hope to see you there.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Feeling Like Spring

Glass Bear with flowers by Marcy Lamberson

It's Spring.  And as I always do, I get a little flower obsessed as my trees and shrubs are blossoming here in Atlanta.  The azalea, dogwood, cherry trees are done and just the rhododendron have lovely blooms.

When I have a lot on my mind, often it translates into glass. So recently, I've been making my glass bears with flowers inside of them.

I've always loved the encased florals (as glass folk call them) and it's a nice challenge to add that technique with sculpture.  We don't usually see that, so it's a little different and a lot of fun to learn.  And honestly, I have a long way to go.  These are nice, but I am working towards "spectacular", which might take a few years.  Lol, I'm not in a rush, but do want to make different kinds of flowers inside of beads.

If you have spare time, I have a 48 hour live auction starting in one of the Facebook private groups, "Limelight" starting tomorrow- Tuesday 9am EDT through 8am EDT on Thursday.  Here is the link if you would like to see what it is all about:   "Limelight "

See you soon!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Glass Spirit Bears, Animals & Other Fun Stuff!

Starting tonight (Monday) through Wednesday evening, I'll have a one person show which is auction format for my beads.  I've been doing this when possible. (next month it's in another group).
If you aren't a member of this buying group, you click on "join" on the righthand side of the page.  When the moderator has time, they will let you into the group. If you have problems, message me and I'll see if I can help.
These are just some of the bears (and an elephant) that will be featured in this 48 hour show.

Hope you can join me.  If not, I will add extra beads to my Etsy shop on Friday after this show and sale is over.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Quick Studio Note: My Vent and Lighting

-Fellow Glass Tribe, this is for you!

I have been asked about my vent system from a few folks and decided that this is easier to just post, so anyone can see it.  I am not a technical person, but I can show you photos and tell you that my electrician did all the work.  I just got the parts and he put it together to make it all work.  This is the back side of my vent hood.  The exhaust goes through the roof. You can also see where the electrician connected everything on the left side.
This is the side view.  You can see the extra ceiling braces we used to keep it steady.  We were concerned it would be too heavy.   
Here is the side closest to me.  I love having my bolted on magnetic bars for my tools. And as you can see, I can use the top part to keep pictures I need close by.
The details:
These are adjustable track lights found at Home Depot.  They are secured inside of the hood.
Here are the switches within arm's reach when I'm at my seat.  One for lighting and the other for the vent.  I thought I might need them separately, and it was a good choice for the way I work.

I have a "split" located behind me. (split- air conditioner and heater combined unit) and it pulls in lots of air, which helps the vent.

Hope that gives you some ideas for your own set up.  The hood and motor were bought from another beadmaker who was getting rid of her set up.  And honestly, I wish it were either a bit stronger fan or closer to my torch.  It still doesn't pull quite as much as I would like, but I am thrilled to have this and all my windows.

Questions... ask in the comments or find me on FB & Instagram: MarcyLamberson, Pinterest & Etsy: StudioMarcy    

Monday, March 21, 2016

My Studio Shot

A couple of months ago, I was asked for a photo of me in my studio.  I decided that instead of making it pristine, (which is so not me), I'd get it taken, "as is".  So here I am.  With my too many stringers, shorts (short glass rod pieces), bags of murrine, bits of glass, broken beads that I need to revisit, wire, miscellaneous tools plus other odds and ends.  Yes, I gather it around me on my reused kitchen table from the 80's that is covered with a steel sheet.  I want to be able to reach lots of options.  And you might recognize my re-used cutlery container from the dishwasher.  With its sections, I can sort some of my short rods and keep them together - plus move them if needed.

When I posted this photo on my Facebook page, a lot of the discussion was about my hood.  I bought the metal hood from a former student who was getting out of lampworking.  We added the two light tracks on the inside and had a switch wired in too.  I can move the lights individually along the track and the flexibility of each lamp helps me aim the light in the direction needed.  You don't see the two magnetic bars (screwed into the metal) which hold many of my steel tools.  I love having my tweezers, pliers, shaping tools, hemostats and others visible and in easy reach.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Playing with Glass Bears

I'm still making bears.  I guess my friends haven't had their fill yet, because there is still a market for them.  One of the things I love about making them is simplifying the form and playing with colors.

Before I made these, I just hoarded my Double Helix silver glass.  Now I use it with reckless abandon.  (well, safely reckless, I guess.) The top two bears use it and I can't wait to try more types.

I'm using other c.o.e.'s (co-efficiency of expansion) to try their glass too.  See the bottom two bears? Yummy colors, right?  Those are both veiled glass that is 96 coe, instead of my usual 104. (for non glass nerds, the coe generally needs to match when combining glass, or it will have cracks.  This is due to different types of glass heating and cooling at different rates.- a simplified explanation.)

I'm using dichro.  I didn't think I'd be the type, but I am enjoying it.  Just bits here and there add some nice sparkle or sometimes an aurora borealis in the skies.

And before bears, (is that B.B.?), I seldom used transparent glass.  Opaque just works better with more sculpture.  I am really loving the transparent colors and adding layers to make new colors.

What's next?  Wish I knew.  For now, I'll make more bears, and start to work into more sculpture types again.  I love what I do and feel lucky that I get to enjoy my job.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Was a Guest Artist for Third Graders!

Oh, I remember third grade.  Mr. Chase was my teacher and I thought he was one of the nicest people I knew.  Yesterday, I got to revisit that grade at a nearby elementary school.  They were looking for a glass artist to melt a little glass and tell them about it.  The grade was studying "heat" and their art class was going to study "Dale Chihuly".

I was pretty clear that I didn't do glass like the Chihuly team, but I knew how to melt it.  So were proceeded to discuss, heat, molecules, coefficiency of expansion (important in glass) types of glass, transparent versus opaque and so many more topics.  I think at this age, they were as excited to examine the rods, beads, tools and try on our didymium glasses, so they could see the flame the way I did.

It was a fun day.  I was a little concerned at first when I entered the art room.  There were only little children height tables.  I demonstrated from it and did fine. It was the shortest table I have ever used... but it did come to above my knees. Made me laugh.  I did stand and bend over to work though.

It's nice to give back to one's community in small ways.  Of course I was hoping that a few of the kids would remember this when they were older, and perhaps try flame working.  If not, they were exposed to something new and I got to have fun with a lot of kids for one day.  If you are a creative type, I hope you take opportunities to share what you do.  You never know who you might inspire.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Catching Up with Spirit Animal Totems

So I have been busy since I posted last time.
I added bison beads to my show list.  I kept them neutral with small bits of shimmery color.  I've done them in solid white as well.
And I was lucky enough to get some brilliant colors in my bears.  This is Lori Riley's dichroic glass. I love the color and consistently good product that I buy from her.
And I added a totem spirit bird too.  This one, I wanted to keep quite simple.  I just have the metallic glass on the wing, beak and eye.  I have some refining to do, but I love the large body with the smaller head.  

So I haven't been ignoring you, but had two back to back online sales on Facebook.  If you are interested and are on Facebook, please friend me and message me at the same time that you are doing so. (if I don't know you, sometimes I don't accept the friendship)  I'd love to have you join the private buying groups where I sell my beads twice a month.

So now, I'm working on my Beads of Courage donation beads for this years Iditarod Sled Race in Alaska.  I have two styles of bears right now and am debating whether I have time to get a third style for them too.  They just take awhile.  I'll show you those next time.

Until then, stay warm.  Enjoy life.  And of course, come back next week for another photo or two and to catch up.  

Monday, February 1, 2016

Glass Inspiration

I know it doesn't look like these photos go together, but it is a small number of some of my inspirational photos.  Some photos are sent to me by friends and customers who are describing something they'd like for me to consider.  For example, the bottom photo with the hot air balloons.  My customer liked the colors and horizon and thought it might be cool for me to do with one of my scenic bear beads.

And isn't the eye mesmerizing on the horse?  I'm thinking this one goes on a deeper color background and the eye might need to be made from murrine.  And its two tones muzzle area keeps it from looking like a horn-less unicorn.  I think it could be too pretty  without it.

The dogs- well the Iditarod is coming up and I want to make beads to donate for the race.  The mushers and some of the crew carry them in the race, and then copies are auctioned off to raise funds for Beads of Courage.  I'm still debating about what I'd like to make for that race.  Haven't decided on the design yet.

And so it goes... you can see how such disparate photos can provide angles, colors, shading and wonderful inspiration for other art.  Of course, none of mine would look like the photo, but seeing nature in its beauty provides a fantastic jumping off point for more research and reflection on how I would like to interpret that particular item.

ps  Isn't that lion magnificent?  I love how it appears he is enjoying the warmth of the sun and focuses on his magnificent mane.  The highlights and shadows are superb. However, that angle interpreted in glass is a bit too high.  I think the head down a touch would show more of his eye, which for me is  an important element in a face when I'm working in glass.

I have an online trunk show this week. Click here for more information.  See you next week and I'll give you the recap.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Seasonal Daydreams About The Beach

I'm not someone who goes fishing, but when it gets cold and gray outside, I do daydream about being at the beach.  And it seems like every year, I do this.  It comes out in my beads.  Last year we swam with the manatees about this time and I made manatee and whale beads.  This year, I keep thinking how I can't wait to go to a warm beach and swim in the ocean and out come fish.

So I am not calling it a "seasonal disorder", but maybe a "seasonal inner wish" which manifests itself in my art.  This year I am working more in transparent and metallic reflective glass- more sparkle and light transmitting and reflecting.  I didn't think I was a "bling girl", but at this point, I'm enjoying it a lot.

I'll be selling these and others via my Facebook page, and in my etsy shop,  Feel free to pop by and check things out.  See you next week.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fish. It's All About the Angle and Reflective Light.

It's a little hard to believe this is the same glass fish.  The top photo was taken in my table top photography cube that uses daylight bulbs.  The second shot was taken in my dining room by the  window with cloudy daylight filtering in.  I angled it to show the reflective silver glass I used on it and the touch of shimmery dichroic glass in the body.  What a difference the slight difference of light and the different angle makes!  Same fish, photos were taken 15 minutes apart. I like both photos.  Do you prefer either one?  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fish and Water Scenes... Something New to Show You

I don't think I'm alone when I dream about warm sunny beaches this time of year.  Even living in Atlanta, it gets a little too cold.  

When I take time for "playing", which means going somewhere different in glass, oftentimes the beads I make directly show what's been swirling in my head.    

For those who have been following me a long time, you'll know I spent my early years near the ocean.  It is what calls me and where I tend to be very happy.   Give me the sound and view of waves and surf, the distinctive scent, a few boats, even seagulls calling and plenty of sunshine.  It's one of my happy places.

So it's not a surprise that a fish with a water scene is my latest bead. When I painted watercolors, we had "happy accidents", where you were surprised but pleased with how something turned out.  This is one of those.  I thought I was using a different glass, but this one had silver in it and reacted differently than I expected.  Now to see if I can replicate and have it do what I wish on purpose.  Cross your fingers for me.  I think this is one of the directions I'd like to explore.  See you soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Oh The Places I've Been

You might be wondering, "what is that little ugly lump of glass?" Well, I wanted to show you my first bead that I ever made. I was so delighted that somehow I had found some "magic" glass because part of it turned a kind of brick red. Little did I know, that I was holding it too close in to the flame and the copper was coming to the surface. lol. The ends are thin and sharp and of course it is very saggy and uneven. But it is a good reminder to keep. Of where I've been and where I want to go. And that we all start at the beginning and practice will make us so much better. 

So now I am done reminiscing. I just thought you might get a chuckle out of the ugly little mess that started a wonderful connection to art, fantastic friends, students and my tribe of people who all enjoy similar things.  I wanted to thank you for helping make my life such a joy. Blessings to you all.