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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Was a Guest Artist for Third Graders!

Oh, I remember third grade.  Mr. Chase was my teacher and I thought he was one of the nicest people I knew.  Yesterday, I got to revisit that grade at a nearby elementary school.  They were looking for a glass artist to melt a little glass and tell them about it.  The grade was studying "heat" and their art class was going to study "Dale Chihuly".

I was pretty clear that I didn't do glass like the Chihuly team, but I knew how to melt it.  So were proceeded to discuss, heat, molecules, coefficiency of expansion (important in glass) types of glass, transparent versus opaque and so many more topics.  I think at this age, they were as excited to examine the rods, beads, tools and try on our didymium glasses, so they could see the flame the way I did.

It was a fun day.  I was a little concerned at first when I entered the art room.  There were only little children height tables.  I demonstrated from it and did fine. It was the shortest table I have ever used... but it did come to above my knees. Made me laugh.  I did stand and bend over to work though.

It's nice to give back to one's community in small ways.  Of course I was hoping that a few of the kids would remember this when they were older, and perhaps try flame working.  If not, they were exposed to something new and I got to have fun with a lot of kids for one day.  If you are a creative type, I hope you take opportunities to share what you do.  You never know who you might inspire.