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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Course Not Just One

Ha, you thought I would show you just one of my sketches? Not likely! This is to prove that shells have always been on my mind. (Someday I will show you my collection).

Now years later, I already see things that I would do differently. Funny, even without training how our artistic eye matures and picks up more depth and details.  (I'm looking at this and thinking "way too stiff looking!")  In fairness, I was pretty new and the exercise was to practice with the different range of pencils- but still...

Maybe soon you will see the reed egg baskets I used to weave when the kids were small. I was sure there was nothing there that they could hurt them.  Just call me Safety Geek Mom.  And now, I have a daughter walking across Northern Spain by herself- a lot of good that did.

Were you a serial crafter in your past too?  I would love to see the list of what you did.  (include in mine, Chinese watercolors as well- not to mention home made chalk, playdoh and all those mom type things)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sticking My Neck Out

I have been working on that mid-life clutter clean up, and perhaps mine will take longer than others. I know that it is one of my many faults, but I like to keep "stuff".

It usually has little or no value, but reminds me of something. Usually family and friends are the main topics, but sometimes it's related to me.

Today, I was looking through an old sketch pad from my first art class as an adult. I hadn't really drawn since 8th grade, except for the cartoons on my kids' paper lunch bags.

This is one of my favorites from that class. We could bring in a photo instead of the teacher's still life arrangements. (Not a fan of those). And looking back at it, I have no bloody idea why I chose a giraffe, which makes me laugh even more. But that class lead to painting watercolors and that lead to glass. So I am thankful for the satisfying journey.

Do you have memories of how you caught momentum to do what you love? I would enjoy hearing about it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rough Drafts in Glass

When you are working on new designs, do you plan them out 100%, or do you have a general idea and your plan is to see where it goes?

I do both. Sometimes my plan needs to be specific and often I really want to experiment and feel my way around a concept.

Here, I am working with gauges of wire embedded into glass. I wanted to test wire lengths and how close I could place the wires next to each other without melting one, before the second was secure.

By the way, I found this thinner gauge melts really easily, but I like the look.

My laptop has been sent out of town to be fixed, so even fewer blog posts for now, but please hang with me, and I will post when I can. I miss it and the ease for loading photos.

See you soon.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Before Glass...Watercolors

Years ago. I loved to paint watercolors. The transparency, the color washes and the luminous qualities really speak to me. I saw similarities between watercolors and glass for those reasons. I had always wondered if I would find a way to combine the two mediums.

But recently, I have decided that it's time to let some of the sketches, quick studies and paintings go, along with my acrylics. So today, I am going through my old folders and pulling a few that might fit into mats or frames that I already own, so they can be sold.

This one was a result from playing around one afternoon. I had seen these rather bright new colors and wanted to try it out. Bright? Absolutely, but what better way than a spring flower signifying new life.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cherry Blossom Season

My abundant cherry blossoms bring a ray of sunshine after yesterday's terrible news from Boston. I can't stop thinking about the individuals and families whose lives will never be the same.

Wishing strength, hope and healing to all.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Where In The World Is Sparky Now?

Some of you have been following my occasional posts about my traveling daughter, Sparky.  (pictured above)

You may know she works in Antarctica for a good portion of the year, (maybe that's why she's comfortable choosing her frozen food this way), and recently she has completed one of her current quests....  to visit all seven continents before turning 30 years old.  I'm really happy for her. That girl knows how to travel and see the world!  She spent a few weeks in Morocco and then on to her next travels.

Well, right now I am following her current travels from afar, as she is walking across northern Spain doing a pilgrimage walk called Camino de Santiago.  That's a heck of a way to see a country.  It's a little bit like Where is Waldo.  Me: Hi Hon, how are you and what town are you in now?  Sparks: well just finished walking from _____ and heading to _______.  So I get out my maps and read a little about where she has been.

She told me about a week ago, that a cute little old lady called her over and tossed her a bag of candy from a second floor window.  (she said it was "little old lady candy" too!)  I am not sure what that means, as I am getting closer and closer to that description as well.  And if that is the case, I'm afraid Twizzlers and Mounds are going to get a bad reputation!

So hats off to my daughter.  I saw this tendency when she was little- loved to sleep in different rooms in the house.  I guess I should have understood that kids don't outgrow who they are, they just morph into more adult ways of showing it.  Love you Sparks!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jam Up and Jelly Tight

Today at the Acworth Art Festival my new jam spoons were a hit. I really think they are cuties!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Breakfast Never Looked So Good

Instagram food artist Ida Frosk from Oslo, Norway, makes breakfast so much more interesting than your average bowl of oatmeal.

Here are some photos of her edible works of art. You probably recognize her clever take on some of the classics.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's That Time Of Year..Show Season

You haven't heard from me much, and it's because I am busy trying to get all my inventory together for my show this weekend.
I will be in Acworth on Saturday and Sunday all day.

Trying to find the right mix to sell is really hard, as many of you know.  What to have that is different and appealing to the shopper.

This show last year seemed to appeal to lots of families and their dogs.  And glass doesn't always mix with that group, but with Mother's Day coming up soon and the weather so nice, I am trying to appeal in that way.  Sun catchers, garden ornaments, functional glass objects and some jewelry are all in the mix.

Wish me luck and good weather.  Fingers crossed.  See you soon...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Final Four Jamfest - My Lucky Day

Yesterday was a lucky day. Now at first I thought just the opposite as I had broken two beads before 8 am.  But between an awesome brunch with my son and then finding a free parking spot two blocks away from the free concerts in Olympic Park, I knew it was just awesome waiting to happen. (That's Grace Potter and the Nocturnals on the big screen.  She was great!).
So we didn't stay for Sting and Dave Matthews, (which I was hoping for), but I am pragmatic and knew that my husband had enough.  If I admitted it, my sunburn was already working up to a pretty good pink and my feet were getting tired from standing through the first set, and being smushed in those large crowds makes me kind of uncomfortable.  So honestly I had enough too.

But it was a great time to get to go for Grace's set.   And for someone who barely knows who is playing in the Final Four, I was thankful for basketball, Capitol One for underwriting the three days of free concerts in Atlanta and of course, for finding the awesome close up parking spot, so we could attend.  Yes, it was my lucky day.

Friday, April 5, 2013

My Little Bluebells in an Etsy Treasury

I love Etsy Treasuries.  They show us suck a diverse assortment of items that fit into a semi random category.  This one is "Bluebells" and my little lampork glass headpins or jewelry pieces are in the lower left corner and can be found here.  ( I make them in loads o colors. Feel free to request any color)
p.s.  please note the unicorn headband.  Awesome! I just wonder where I would wear that one?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Office Helper

Zeus seems to like the glass bellflowers. Maybe it is magnetic attraction? The minute I get them out, he jumps up to sit in the middle of them and starts purring. Some days, I just can't figure out cats.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Gotta Have Heart

You may have noticed that I have not been posting quite as often in the last couple of months.  There's a good reason.  I've been sidetracked.

Oh it's not the usual sidetrack, like cool glass art, fabrics or metals, but more like a little health issue.  I guess you can tell what it is by the photo.  Yep, the ol' ticker is acting up.

And after plenty of tests- from nuclear to heart catheter, it has been concluded that there isn't exactly anything that can be done. I am just slowed down some.  And it's nothing dire, or super scary either.  Please, don't get the wrong idea.  I just can't operate at full tilt boogie like I used to, dang it.

So for now, I will be posting a few times a week, instead of 6.  It just gives me a little more time to prepare for my next shows this Spring and not stress out over things that can be dialed down a touch.

I will be seeing you soon.  And I'll try to make my blog posts be just a little bit more interesting, so you don't give up on me.

See you in a few days!