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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Course Not Just One

Ha, you thought I would show you just one of my sketches? Not likely! This is to prove that shells have always been on my mind. (Someday I will show you my collection).

Now years later, I already see things that I would do differently. Funny, even without training how our artistic eye matures and picks up more depth and details.  (I'm looking at this and thinking "way too stiff looking!")  In fairness, I was pretty new and the exercise was to practice with the different range of pencils- but still...

Maybe soon you will see the reed egg baskets I used to weave when the kids were small. I was sure there was nothing there that they could hurt them.  Just call me Safety Geek Mom.  And now, I have a daughter walking across Northern Spain by herself- a lot of good that did.

Were you a serial crafter in your past too?  I would love to see the list of what you did.  (include in mine, Chinese watercolors as well- not to mention home made chalk, playdoh and all those mom type things)