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Monday, April 8, 2013

Final Four Jamfest - My Lucky Day

Yesterday was a lucky day. Now at first I thought just the opposite as I had broken two beads before 8 am.  But between an awesome brunch with my son and then finding a free parking spot two blocks away from the free concerts in Olympic Park, I knew it was just awesome waiting to happen. (That's Grace Potter and the Nocturnals on the big screen.  She was great!).
So we didn't stay for Sting and Dave Matthews, (which I was hoping for), but I am pragmatic and knew that my husband had enough.  If I admitted it, my sunburn was already working up to a pretty good pink and my feet were getting tired from standing through the first set, and being smushed in those large crowds makes me kind of uncomfortable.  So honestly I had enough too.

But it was a great time to get to go for Grace's set.   And for someone who barely knows who is playing in the Final Four, I was thankful for basketball, Capitol One for underwriting the three days of free concerts in Atlanta and of course, for finding the awesome close up parking spot, so we could attend.  Yes, it was my lucky day.