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Monday, April 15, 2013

Where In The World Is Sparky Now?

Some of you have been following my occasional posts about my traveling daughter, Sparky.  (pictured above)

You may know she works in Antarctica for a good portion of the year, (maybe that's why she's comfortable choosing her frozen food this way), and recently she has completed one of her current quests....  to visit all seven continents before turning 30 years old.  I'm really happy for her. That girl knows how to travel and see the world!  She spent a few weeks in Morocco and then on to her next travels.

Well, right now I am following her current travels from afar, as she is walking across northern Spain doing a pilgrimage walk called Camino de Santiago.  That's a heck of a way to see a country.  It's a little bit like Where is Waldo.  Me: Hi Hon, how are you and what town are you in now?  Sparks: well just finished walking from _____ and heading to _______.  So I get out my maps and read a little about where she has been.

She told me about a week ago, that a cute little old lady called her over and tossed her a bag of candy from a second floor window.  (she said it was "little old lady candy" too!)  I am not sure what that means, as I am getting closer and closer to that description as well.  And if that is the case, I'm afraid Twizzlers and Mounds are going to get a bad reputation!

So hats off to my daughter.  I saw this tendency when she was little- loved to sleep in different rooms in the house.  I guess I should have understood that kids don't outgrow who they are, they just morph into more adult ways of showing it.  Love you Sparks!

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  1. I envy her sense of adventure. That is one thing, looking back, that I think would have been a great addition to my life story.


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