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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Angelic Palette Knife

Okay, admitting that I really enjoy some of the adult paint by number while drinking wine type classes. I found a studio that combines pieces and techniques that I would enjoy and a delightful owner/teacher. I know there is nothing to it and that it isn't high art, but the amusement quotient is very high for me. It is called Just Giggles and is in Milton, GA.

Here is last night's piece. We used a palette knife for about 95% of it. It's kind of awkward on my non dominant side and one of the solutions is to turn your painting upside down. Funny! Luckily my glass work has made me kind of comfortable using both hands, so sometimes, I just switch.

And you know when working in glass how adding more glass is sometimes a little tough when your base is too warm? Well with these acrylics, adding more paint on top of a thick, wet base is just as hard. This part cracks me up, we use a hair dryer to make it work. I found it amusing using a blow dryer on the angel's hair, so I could add more colors to it. (The girl got highlights and low lights, just like mine!)

Some of the techniques I learned last night included mixing skin tones, blending multiple shades as you work up and down the canvas, pulling in nearby color, and a touch of shading. Not bad for two hours of fun.

And my final step is putting it up for sale. I have had good luck selling my pieces from these classes and once that happens, I sign up for another one.

Happy Thursday to you.