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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Making Over My Beaded Silk Dress

I found this gorgeous beaded silk dress at a thrift shop years ago and have been saving it for something, but I haven't been sure exactly what.

It's heavy- both with beads and with the lined silk fabric.  Just gorgeous.  The label says, "Victoria Royal Ltd" made in British Crown Colony, Hong Kong and the other label reads, "Wolf Brothers" Florida.

Here is a close up of the bead work
I am taking suggestions as to what to do with it.  It is missing a few beads and not in perfect condition, but gorgeous none the less.  Although it says size 12, I'd guess it's closer to a modern day 8-ish.  

I was wondering what it might be like turned into a handbag or something else.  Do you have ideas?  I would hate to waste all that intricate beading.  It's just so pretty.