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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Seasonal Daydreams About The Beach

I'm not someone who goes fishing, but when it gets cold and gray outside, I do daydream about being at the beach.  And it seems like every year, I do this.  It comes out in my beads.  Last year we swam with the manatees about this time and I made manatee and whale beads.  This year, I keep thinking how I can't wait to go to a warm beach and swim in the ocean and out come fish.

So I am not calling it a "seasonal disorder", but maybe a "seasonal inner wish" which manifests itself in my art.  This year I am working more in transparent and metallic reflective glass- more sparkle and light transmitting and reflecting.  I didn't think I was a "bling girl", but at this point, I'm enjoying it a lot.

I'll be selling these and others via my Facebook page, and in my etsy shop,  Feel free to pop by and check things out.  See you next week.