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Friday, April 1, 2016

Quick Studio Note: My Vent and Lighting

-Fellow Glass Tribe, this is for you!

I have been asked about my vent system from a few folks and decided that this is easier to just post, so anyone can see it.  I am not a technical person, but I can show you photos and tell you that my electrician did all the work.  I just got the parts and he put it together to make it all work.  This is the back side of my vent hood.  The exhaust goes through the roof. You can also see where the electrician connected everything on the left side.
This is the side view.  You can see the extra ceiling braces we used to keep it steady.  We were concerned it would be too heavy.   
Here is the side closest to me.  I love having my bolted on magnetic bars for my tools. And as you can see, I can use the top part to keep pictures I need close by.
The details:
These are adjustable track lights found at Home Depot.  They are secured inside of the hood.
Here are the switches within arm's reach when I'm at my seat.  One for lighting and the other for the vent.  I thought I might need them separately, and it was a good choice for the way I work.

I have a "split" located behind me. (split- air conditioner and heater combined unit) and it pulls in lots of air, which helps the vent.

Hope that gives you some ideas for your own set up.  The hood and motor were bought from another beadmaker who was getting rid of her set up.  And honestly, I wish it were either a bit stronger fan or closer to my torch.  It still doesn't pull quite as much as I would like, but I am thrilled to have this and all my windows.

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