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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What a Fox!

I am working on a new project and decided that I might need a fox for it.  So here is my first effort.

My second one will look closer to this photo, which I should have printed prior to melting the glass..but oh well, I have plenty of glass left to make more.  I must be making too many dogs, because the muzzle looks more like a police dog, than the fox.  But in fairness, the bead is small, about the size of the first joint in my thumb.  (who needs rulers when we have thumbs to measure with? Ha, ha!)

So I look forward to showing you my next iteration of a fox.  I love making the face only beads and those come out well, but making tiny full body ones, will take another try.  The second one will have a different snout, slimmer tail, possibly longer legs, but honestly there's a trade off between what should be and what works better for strength, and there will be a bit more white around the face and other parts of the body.

Wondering why I'm showing you my not quite successful one?  Because seldom do we do super well on our first try.  And it's good to see that even with this many years of melting glass, each new attempt is a learning opportunity.

See you tomorrow!