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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snake in My Life..A Good Thing?


Wisdom, Healing, Initiation
The symbol of eternity

I was kayaking this past weekend, and as I was getting out of the kayak, this snake zipped past me and onto the shore.  It had a fat little catfish in it's mouth and was intent on a tasty dinner.

Not being a huge fan of snakes, especially ones that I not only couldn't identify, but also apparently had been swimming nearby, I headed up the bank for my iPad to document it.  After posting on Facebook, it appears that it is probably a juvenile brown watersnake that looks a little too close to a cottonmouth snake.  (love that name, reminds me of my misspent youth, ha ha)

Anyhow, Dana Haan posted this information, and I thought it is a lovely way to give Mother Nature an additional spin.

This a powerful totem -- it is
the symbol of transformation and healing.
The Snake is wisdom expressed through healing.
It is a protector and guardian totem,
along with its sister totems, the Dragon and the Serpent.
If a snake totem has come into your life, your creative forces are awakening.
Your intuition will sharpen and be more accurate.
Snake energy is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and
the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance.
It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation.
It also signals a transition in your life.
New opportunities and/or changes.
Snake is fire medicine, the medicine of transmutation.
On a material level, it is vitality; on an emotional level, it is ambition and dreams;
on a mental level, it is intellect and power; on a spiritual level (the highest level),
it is wisdom, understanding and wholeness.
Snake magic is heavy magic. 
Become the Magician and transmute the energy and accept the power of the fire.
The Snake is one of the symbols of Thoth.