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Friday, May 1, 2009

Japanese Bento Boxes As Art

I figured you non-glass readers who follow my blog might need a day or two off from my comments about silver glass. What better way to get your attention than to talk about food.

Especially "cute" food. These illustrations show two Japanese Bento Box lunches that are about as artfully arranged, as I've ever seen. ( I have quite a few other photos of great ones too.)

When my kids were little, I drew and decorated their lunchbags, cut their sandwiches into butterflies and other shapes, but believe me, I never put
this amount of energy into it , although, if I had thought about it, I sure would have enjoyed creating some of these fun treasures..

If you aren't familiar with Bento lunches, they can be homemade or purchased as take out. I've seen all kinds of containers- some are beautiful lacquer, and others very nice, but more utilitarian.

But bottom line, (of course a beadmaker feels this way), don't these look like beads with surface decoration? The shaped boxes that contain these little edible works of art, could be bead bases and the the lunch could be decoration on them. I can't help but look at so much life that way.

So if you happen to see Bento Box inspired beads in my Etsy shop in the next couple of days, you'll know where I found my inspiration. I've been making sushi beads for years, so perhaps this is the next step.

See you tomorrow with more thoughts and fresh ideas. Meanwhile enjoy your Friday.