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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keeping an Inspiration Folder- What's In Yours?

Keeping a folder with pictures you like is a great way to have a ready jumpstart, when you aren't sure what to make.

Mine is quite large and ranges from cartoons to exquisitely expensive jewelry. I know that I won't make beads that directly relate to each one, but having an assortment helps when I'm feeling low in the inspiration scale.

I literally chose two sight unseen to show you examples of my file. The top one is a screen shot of a cat who sings and dances. I like the body position, which could be used for multiple types of animals. I've been wanting to add more movement in my animal beads.

And the second photo of the turtle intrigued me. I look at the decoration on its shell and think how cool that could be.

Melted in layered dots would be a natural way to show the shell, but wouldn't it be fun to experiment with murrinis placed near each other? (Of course I'd make a test bead before trying it in actuality.) Or perhaps I just want to use a little surface decoration to give a turtle a new look. Even colorful frit could be fun.

So if you don't keep a folder, perhaps it's time. As you can see, I hang onto photos for different reasons. A little bit here, and shape there or perhaps it's just the color combination that you like. It goes a long way when you're contemplating, "what should I make today?"

And of course I know that you've got some cool photos stashed for a rainy day. So what's in your file? What kinds of photos do you hoarde?