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Friday, May 29, 2009

Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen Cupcake Glass Beads

I had an inquiry from an online bakery specializing in cupcakes. We discussed a wholesale price for cupcakes.

Now I know that a lot of artists don't do wholesale, but I have a different opinion. If the details are spelled out carefully and agreed upon, then it can be a win/win situation.

But back to cupcakes. Part of the fun for me, was trying to figure out what types of cupcakes to offer. I reviewed her website, and then thought about what would I want to make multiples of at the price we agreed upon. (and decided that I was pretty open as long as the cupcake wasn't too detailed)

Here are four samples of the many that I came up with. I first made a list of what colors cake bases might be. Then I went to frosting colors and then I have a separate column for decorations. By writing out my ideas, it's easier to make an assortment, once I get to the torch, than having to think them up as I go. I'm a list person through and through.

Do you sell wholesale? And if so, do you have any pointers for our readers? And of course the other thing I want to know is...what's your favorite type of cupcake? I think mine would be rum cake with pineapple frosting and lots of coconut sprinkles, I've never seen one, but it sounds good.

See you tomorrow!