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Friday, May 8, 2009

Noticing Hip Color Combinations

I know a lot of us follow Panetone's color trends for the seasons.  We may or may not use them, but we tend to be aware of what they are.

I look to a few other places to see what I think is really current.  One of the places is the Etsy Treasury category.  We have such a broad spectrum of artists who create these combinations and I'd guess that many of them might be in the 20-35 year old category. (and if you haven't figured it out, I definitely do not fit that age range!)

A lot of the treasuries are based on color combinations.  So I look to see which colors tend to pop up that are different than what I might expect.

This gray and yellow one has shown up quite a few times.  The yellow is one of the Panetone colors, and paired with the gray, it makes it very modern looking.

Will I deliberately make beads using this combination?  I haven't decided yet.  But obviously it must have some buzz going on for it to show up this often.  If I made non sculptural focals, or beadsets, I'd definitely consider at least one.  What do you think?  Will you try it?  
My thanks to everyone who commented on the banner and shop name in yesterday's blog post.  If you haven't yet told me what you think, please let me know.  It's sounding like the red banner has the most votes, but the shop name is still in the air.  I'm open to suggestions.  Some don't like the word "closet" and some do.  Some prefer Studio Marcy Too.  I'm waffling.  Gee, I don't enjoy being indecisive.  I keep hoping that the perfect name is going to magically appear.

See you tomorrow...