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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Looking Out

I seem to need windows and sunlight where ever I am. I thought I'd show you the view from the window next to where I write most of my blog posts.

Gardeners, don't look too closely please. It's my rather "natural" area under the pines that forms a small island, (or is it called a peninsula when it's attached to the side of a property?) In Atlanta, we use pine straw to hold in the moisture for the plants. That's the brown ground covering you see.

Whatever this section is called, it's also where I see the bunny rabbits when they make an appearance. Since this photo, I've planted three colors of impatiens in this extremely shady area, and I'm thinking a hydrangea could look lovely by adding some more color. I want one that turns kind of blue-ish purple, so I'd better get researching to find the right one. Unless one of you gardeners know what I'm trying to find?

And the pine trees have been hosts to our neighborhood wild turkeys, families of opossums and some noisy owls not to mention all the birds who visit. I feel lucky living close to a city of 5 million, but having nature at my door. I joke about it, but "green makes me serene". Tell me about your view from your computer and of course I'm always open to gardening tips and comments.

Your brown thumbed blogging buddy.