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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sparkling High Heels That Relax Your Feet

Look closely at this gorgeous shoe. Can you tell what it is? It took me a minute, but if you examine the photo, you'll see it's a vessel for relaxation....that's right- a bathtub.

Oh my! Can you imagine luxuriating in one of these? Knowing me, I'd be figuring out what to do with that section that looks like a slide. Whether it would be me or some rubber ducks, something would be tumbling down it.

The gorgeous exterior decoration is a glitzy glass mosaic with either fiberglass or acrylic on the inside. (See, it does relate to glass in some way!) I've seen two other models which are equally as glamorous.

But actually I wanted to bring it to your attention because I was impressed with the designers creating artwork with such a typically utilitarian object. The High Heel Bathtubs are shown by the Italian based SICIS Art Mosaic Factory. Which of course brings me to that question I keep asking all of us to ask ourselves, "What have we done that is unique and makes our product stand out from the others?" Feel free to grab this photo and pin it up next to your desk. This is a great visual reminder.

See you tomorrow with more fun.