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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CIM's New Colors, Frantz's New Blog & More!

Starting today, these five new Creation is Messy (CIM) colors are available through Frantz Art Glass.

I was interested to see them, as I'm a big fan of CIM glass as a supplement to my other 104 COE brands.

Along with the new colors, Frantz has rolled out a blog, which you might have already seen. I like Patricia's beads which illustrate what she's talking about. It gives me a visual which is so helpful.

The top photo is Commando with Triton dots and goldstone swirls by Patricia Frantz. Not only is it a pretty bead, but it shows the variegation in the glass, which is important. A lot of CIM colors seem to do that.

The second photo is Olive with a pink and black dragged design. You know, the top photo with the 5 colors made me think there was more distinction between the two greens. These two colors makes me wonder if they are closer in hue, than they appear. I will probably choose one shade to try first. (and undoubtedly, end up with both at some point.) I already have the deep and lovely olive shade from Lauscha, which I have loved for years. GlassDaddy has been a great source for my Lauscha glass. And besides Frank DeRosa is "dad" to one of my local glass buddies, Jill Symons.

Right now, Admantium is not doing it for me, but the other four have possibilities. I have a feeling I'll end up eating my words about the Admantium too. It's hard for me to find a color I can't find a use for.

So tell me what you think. Which of the five colors do you like? If you were given samples of all 5 colors, which shade would you pick up first? Which would be last. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Tuesday to you.