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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saved By Deb Dunk

Do you sometimes get a bit frazzled when under a quick time crunch? I do. And during one of my more recent ones, artist Deb Dunk of Dunk Designs pulled me out of it.

I received the ISGB's email with the deadlines, and realized that I hadn't printed this year's postcard and it's due by June 30th.

Drat. I knew I had to get going on this project right away. I'll be out of town for a lot of June.

I am not a graphic artist. I barely squeak by on the most minor things. And with my typical adventurous spirit, I chose to try a different online printer, who I had not worked with before. Double drat. I thought all online companies had an easy to use program that allowed the person to add copy over a photo after it was uploaded. I found out otherwise AFTER I had already paid for the postcards. I could handle the front of the postcard with my single photo, but I needed help for the back side. I hear hard lessons learned are the best. Well, this was a good one. Not sure how many new gray hairs and extra consumed calories over this one.

So I went to my favorite resource, and did a search for "custom postcard graphics" and scanned through the results. I immediately was drawn to "DunkDesigns" and her style.
I messaged her and it was so very lucky that Deb had some time available to help me. What a find! She's a delight and came up with this design for the back of my postcard, which was just what I was imagining- but much better.

Deb is an artist. So if you need some illustrations, invitations or other art related help, she seems to do it all.

This blog post has been brought to you as a public service. If you are submitting postcards for the Gathering, get them done now. If you are adventurous and just charge into something without reading carefully first, slow down. Luckily for me, it all turned out just fine. Only three more gray hairs out of it.

See you tomorrow!