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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seashells by the Seashore

It's always a delight to see one's glass art turned into jewelry by a customer. I love how each jewelry designer manifests their own point of view.

My friend Debbie, from DG Designs on Etsy has honored me not just by a simple credit, but also including my name in the title. Wow, that means a lot to me.

This is "Marcy made a seashell" which is listed in Debbie's shop. You might have seen this seashell in my previous blog post. What a joy to have it made into this pretty necklace. I'm not sure whether it's the Swarovski crystals that match so well or the little handmade brass sea urchin beads that make me like it so much, but I sure do.

Last summer I was lucky enough to meet Debbie and her husband when they were traveling through Georgia. We had emailed so much beforehand, it felt like we had been friends for years.

So thank you Debbie for the recognition. I am truly touched and so appreciative.