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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Introducing Studio Marcy's Whimsy

Introducing my second Etsy shop, "Studio Marcy's Whimsy"

I listened and contemplated all the comments from you. After too much time and thought, I decided on a hybrid name.

Studio Marcy's Whimsy incorporates my other shop's name, thus easier to find, if you already know me. Although I really liked both choices of banners, this funky red one seemed to incorporate best the idea of what I was trying to convey. A shop full of a variety of items...creative supplies both handmade and commercial, vintage goodies, some of my artwork- (did you know I paint watercolors and weave baskets among other things?), and other items that have caught my fancy.

And although I liked the idea of a closet, I didn't want anyone to think it was all clothing. Yes, there will be some cool vintage clothes offered once in a while, (after all, I'm quite vintage myself, and I still have some of the funky stuff from years ago), but I wanted the name to convey more of the big picture. So I changed it to one of the words that often is used to describe my personal style. Whimsy. (I left out "quirky and offbeat" as well as "forgetful" and others I'd prefer not to mention.
So now, I'm rounding up some of my whimsical items (and some not so whimsical- but fun), so I can add at least one new listing every Monday through Friday.

And I'm also trying something new. I have a camera on my Apple computer. I take some silly photos with it. If you are on facebook, the photo of me in front of the Eiffel Tower was taken with my computer. And look closely to what I am wearing as my beret. It should make you laugh. (please feel free to "friend" me on facebook- I'd be happy to add you.) Sorry, I keep digressing.

Anyhow, I cropped a section of my new banner and loaded it as a background for my computer camera. Then I took a quick shot (and a few more), and voila, here's my new avatar for my Etsy shop too. I wanted to include a tie in to give my shop a cohesive look, but make it personal too.

And as a side note, can you see these kicking green ginko leaf earrings that I'm wearing? They're stained glass made out of recycled beer bottles that the artist meticulously consumed, so he could pursue his art. I love them. They were made by my crazy friend Brian of WesternArtGlass on Etsy. If you buy something, tell him Marcy sent you.

So stop by and visit my new Etsy shop. I'm offering a few items so far, but as I mentioned, there will be more added daily.