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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Making Your Own Headpins

Do you belong to Beaders Showcase?

I really enjoy that they strongly encourage videos to be posted there. I recently watched one on making your own headpins.

Here is the link to the How To Make Your Own Headpins.

I hadn't realized that it's so easy to do. I'm not sure that I want to make all of my headpins, but there are times in which an extra long one is needed. Or now that I have watched it, I think there are other things I might want to do with fine silver. I just need to think of what they may be. Got any ideas?

Of course it wouldn't be so much fun if a torch wasn't involved. The Creative Jeweler, who made this video, said even a creme brulee kitchen torch would work. I guess that's an excuse to go buy something else that's shoots fire. Woo hoo! I like those tools.

Do you make your own headpins or something else that is really easy? Tell me about it. I'm always interested in acquiring new skills. Especially if they involve just a touch of danger.

See you tomorrow-