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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Watch Me Create- It's My Turn

If you haven't visited the Watch Me Create blog recently, may I suggest that you might take a few minutes and stop by?

Okay, it's not just because it was just my turn for my article about "Whimsical Interpretations of Art & People", but because we have more writers adding diverse commentary on their art and craft styles.

Now there are 15 of us. And who would have known that each of the 15 artists have something interesting to say. (Well, I bet Lori Greenberg knew, she's the mastermind behind it.)

I read about inspiration for things they're doing, what books they're reading, and enjoy learning about their creative processes.

And when you find someone who really interests can look for their name on the right hand side of the blog and click on their name for more of their posts, or click on their photos on the left, and be taken directly to their websites. (Find me at the very bottom of the artist totem pole- strong shoulders you know...).

Let me know if you've stopped by too. You can leave a comment there. If you have nothing to say, just use the secret code word, "cupcake". I'll know what you mean. (and if you're in my Etsy shop looking for Frida, there will be another one added very soon.)