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Friday, April 24, 2009

Twitter Fortune Cookies - What Next?

Do you Twitter? I know I've asked you before. It seems like more and more people have joined it.

It can be addictive just seeing what folks say in their 140 character short version. It's not quite eavesdropping, but a tiny touch of what's on their mind or happening in their lives.

Well for those seriously addicted, here are Twitter Fortune Cookies which use actual twitter updates for their fortunes.

"Umlauts are grillz for vowels" one says.

So now it's your turn to be creative...besides telling us that your beads or jewelry are for sale in your shop, (don't a lot of us tweet for that purpose?), in 140 characters or less, give me a great fortune that could also be a tweet. Come on, I know you're creative....let's hear some crazy ones!

See you tomorrow...and keep those creative juices flowing.