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Monday, April 6, 2009

Use That Forgotten Frit

Are you like me and have a bunch of single color frits hanging around?  And not sure what exactly to do with them?

Well, in my quest to clean out my space a bit more, I'm using that extra frit- but instead as stringer.

If you haven't made stringer from frit before, it's pretty easy.

I start with a clear rod, or a transparent that is similar in color to my frit.  I just heat up the very end.

Because I store my frit in glass jars, I take the shortcut and dunk my warm end (the glass of course) into the jar and get a few chunks, then I repeat.  I melt those most of the way down, and while I'm doing it, I make sure that I don't melt it back onto the original rod.

I continue until I get a good sized gather, heat it up and pull it out into a stringer.  Be aware that it might come out a bit uneven. That's okay.  It also might feel a little stiffer than your 104 glass.  It's probably a different coe, so be careful how you use it.

I use this stringer for surface decoration - my lavender seashell with magenta frit is just one example.  This extends your color palate and can make your beads stand out.  Hope you try it.  It's worth the extra effort and you slowly find uses for that unused frit.