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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Silver Glass Class - The Overview

This is just a short teaser about the Southern Flames' silver reactive glass class at Beads by Design that I took on Thursday and Friday. It rocked!

Being rather a novice in that area, I had been interested in learning more about the different silver glass options that are on the market. After all, they are pretty expensive to just pick up a quarter pound to experiment.

So I took a class with Julie Ferguson who is a wonderful teacher. She knows so much about a lot of them and has done very careful tracking on each one, and how they react to different glass and other factors.

She also has created an awesome handout that helps keep me straight. You know with all the choices out there, it's almost like learning a new language.

Between the handout and having a selection of some of the products that are out there...I didn't count, but at least 8 different ones, I could compare and see which ones I really liked up close and in person.

After I get some photos of my beads, I'll write again about which ones were my personal favorites from the class. It will just be a newbie's point of view from what happened during the class. But meanwhile, do you use reactive glass? If so, which ones do you like and why? I'd love to find out. Perhaps you use a brand that we didn't try and can teach all of us a little more about something that is definitely here to stay.

p.s. The photo is from Thursday's class. Left to Right: Becky, Kristy, Martha & Sandy- fellow classmates. We got a little toasty in the afternoon and Becky is goofing around and fanning Kristy. (I love the colors of their shirts with the background wall color- wouldn't that be pretty on a bead?)