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Monday, April 20, 2009

Jim Moore's Pi Divider- Great Glass Tool

Have you seen this tool before? If not, it's one that can save you a lot of time and energy.

Please welcome Jim Moore's Pi Divider. It's a handy item that is reasonably priced and well worth it.
Depending on the size you need, it can run $25-$35. I have the smaller one.

A pi divider is used to figure out how long of a cane or twisty you need to go around the circumference of your bead.

You measure with the small cupped end and the distance of the "tong" side" is how long it needs to be.

Cool, isn't it?

And if you aren't familiar with Jim Moore's tools, pop by and view them. I own several, and each one is beautifully made with care and expertise. I know I'll get quality equipment when I order from him or any of his distributors. I'd like to thank Andrea Guarino for introducing me to his tools and Patti Cahill for showing me this particular one and what it does. They are both fabulous beadmakers and wonderful teachers.