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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Silver Glass Class 2

I've got so much to tell you from my glass class by Julie Ferguson. I can't tell you exactly what she teaches, but there sure are some basic tips, that seem fair to share.

My first one is to make some sample beads or in Julie's case, leaves of the different types of glass. I photographed these in some pretty poor light, (that's aluminum underneath them, so you know the color is off), but you get the idea.

I loved being able to see one variation of the glass that I was going to try. It seems like it changes pretty easily, depending on what the conditions are, how you treat it and what glass it is next to, but this is it in its pure form. And you know, a tiny spacer, (trying to be cost effective) wouldn't do it for me. I'd definitely go a little larger.

And another tip is to label them carefully. I learned that some glass companies change the formula and so knowing the name of the glass and the date can be important. If you're a newbie like me, keep careful records. I had no idea.

As a total newbie, I was a little wary about silver glass. Not that I thought it would hurt me, but I didn't want to waste any financial investment that I made to try it. I am a hands on type learner. There are some great tutorials and information on the internet- but for me, there's nothing like actually trying it and seeing what it does in person. If you buy a tutorial, I own the one that was compiled from the LE group. It has a lot of resources and information that is quite handy.

I found that I had some personal favorites. I'll talk about them later and a few more little bits that I learned from my hands-on experience. But for now, it's your turn to dig out your hoarded silver glass that you haven't tried and at least make a paddle of the type of glass and label it. I know that's what I'm going to do.

See you tomorrow with more glass chat,