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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Flower Ring Giveaway & Interview

Have you ever visited The Post-It Place? It's a great blog. There are always giveaways, interviews and fun features. It's one of those blogs that always has something interesting going on.

Well, this week, I'm the "MMM" Meet Me Monday interview and feature. You'll learn amazing facts (okay, maybe they aren't amazing) and see fabulous photos of my work, (okay, maybe not fabulous, but "pretty good")

But this I can say for sure, if you follow the rules, you can be entered in my Flower Blossom adjustable ring giveaway. It's not the one shown in this photo here, but one that is at the bottom of the article.

If you look on the left side of the blog, you'll also see more contests to enter while you're there. It just takes a few minutes, and wouldn't it be cool to win one? That can't happen, unless you try.

This past weekend, I made a lot more of these rings. I think they're pretty. I'm slowly adding them to my etsy shop under the category- "Mothers Day Jewelry", and have a few shown in my Flickr page as well. And even more in my jewelry tray.

Hope you have a minute or two to stop by this fun blog, and please enter my giveaway. Tell you what, if you win, I'll let you choose from any that I have made and are on hand. Just remind me.

Catch you tomorrow...