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Friday, April 17, 2009

Knobs and Pulls- Gorgeous and Not Traditional

One of the lesser explored areas that some lampwork glass artists participate in includes knobs and pulls. Today I wanted to show you a designers' take on this niche.

Edgar Berebi designed a gorgeous collection- some of them shown here. Many of them include Swarovski crystals, gold plating and semi-precious stones.

I wonder why more glass artists don't enter this arena? Our work seems to fit so well with this niche. Zooziis even has a press and kit for people who feel more comfortable with knobs that are exactly the same size.

For the glass artists who don't have a special press, I believe that most folks form their knobs free hand and often with a bit of help from a marble mold for shaping.

The time I tried it, I made a sculptural knob and had a great time. It looked a bit like a Dr. Seuss character and was immediately claimed by one of my friends, so I never got a photo of it.

I'm interested in hearing whether any of you have ever made a knob and what was your experience with it?

And if you haven't made one yet, will you try one?