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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Trying Silver Glass

Do you ever make a bead and then it reminds you of a place?

I had been playing with some silver glass from a local glass maker, and I started seeing all these striations in different colors on my bead posted below.  Immediately, it reminded me of the bands of rocks in Colorado, where I used to live.

Oh, I know the colors aren't the same at all.  It was the layered look that got me thinking.

This silver glass doesn't have a name, and I tried to find my friend's Etsy shop where he sells it.  No luck.  I'll find him and then post the information.

He told our Southern Flames group that his best luck for getting color out of it,  is heating and then cooling and repeating for the striking. He also likes an oxidized flame.

Not being a silver glass connoisseur, I'd love to hear from you silver glass users whether that's what you do too?

I had used this same glass and got some purples and pinks out of it.  But I was using a different torch.  Does the torch with oxy versus a concentrator make a difference?  Okay readers.  I know you're out there.  Let me know what you think.  It's your turn to teach me.

Meanwhile, I have found that I like this glass for my frog's lily pad.  Which you can see here.

I have just returned from my week's long trip, so tomorrow I'll be back to my regular postings.