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Friday, April 3, 2009

Etsy Selling Tips for Beadmakers

I'm happy to share my Etsy selling tips. And I get asked often, so I thought I'd write down some basics that I recently shared with one of my friends who was asking about them.

I think Etsy is a lower priced venue, for sales. That's why I keep my beads so simple on it. A few higher priced ones sell, but the smaller ones do so much better. It's chock full of jewelry makers who list on there.

A lot of Etsy success stories include listing new items daily. It brings your pieces to the forefront of the lists and be careful to tag them correctly. I list daily and do custom work. Both work well for me. Your photography is as important as the art you do. If it's not good, no one will notice your work.

Remember that the Etsy audience is broad and goes towards the younger than the older side. Find your niche and stick with it. You'll be more successful. I personally think that beadmakers who offer too many styles have a hard time showing their identity to repeat shoppers.

Also there are a ton of very talented beadmakers on Etsy- you have to work hard to stand out. I blog (as seen right here) go on the forums, have joined some Etsy Street Teams and keep my name out there if possible. It's a lot of work for me, but it's my only selling venue.

If you are just consider selling on Etsy, be aware that whatever name you use when signing up, will be your Etsy url address. So be careful. I've seen some shop owners name their shop one thing and have a different address. I know a lot of buyers convert to sellers, and that's the reason, but being aware upfront can help.

I've also seen some wonderful collaborations result from connections on Etsy. Be open to the possibilities. All these creative folks can work well together to create more new items.

If you have Etsy selling tips, please add them in here. I'd love for us to share with others. I enjoy Etsy. It's been good to me and I'm thankful for having them.