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Friday, March 13, 2009

You Know You're A Beadmaker When...

One of my recent fixations has been joining Facebook, because I've found a lot of beadmakers, as well as friends from the past and relatives too. To me, it's like having an international small town with your best buddies and new friends all in the same place.

(If you join it, please "friend" me, Marcy Lamberson, and if we haven't met, just write "blog" on the note so I know that you're okay to be one of my new friends)

Well, one of the things that one can do on Facebook, is to have little questionaires that you ask your friends to fill out and you get to know them better. Here is a current one for beadmakers. I thought I'd answer it and then you feel free to answer also in the comments.

You Know You're a Beadmaker When...

1. You know you're a true beadmaker when - You look at life as beads. "Look at that child over there, wouldn't she make a great bead?"

2. Your favorite glass- No favorite soft glass, but currently I am loving some of the colors of CIM glass.

3. Your favorite torch - I own quite a few, but right now, I keep going back to my trusty old Minor that I've had for 8 years.

4. Name 1 or more beadmakers who inspired you - There are many who have inspired, but I have to say that Deanna Griffin Dove's early classes, when I was beginning were outstanding. She knows so much and expressed and shared her knowledge so well.

5. My inspiration comes from - Life. Books, people, inanimate objects, photos, fabric, nature, everywhere....

6. When I'm making beads I listen to - a variety of things...always the ka-chunking sound of my concentrator as well as sometimes television, books on tape, music or the birds in my backyard.

7. I love making - whimisical sculptural beads that stretch my abilities. If they make me smile and are a challenge, then I'm really happy.

8. My favorite drink at the torch - homemade lemonade, but I seldom have it.

9. You know when you've been at the torch too long've burned yourself and you finish your bead instead of tending to it right away.

10. I love being a beadmaker because - there is a mild euphoria when I sit down at the torch or when I teach this art form. Stretching what I know through the molten glass makes me feel joyful.

And one that I am adding...
You know beadmaking is in your blood, when you unintentionally buy a jacket that matches your didymiums and then wear it to the Southern Flames demo and you still haven't noticed, until you see the photo a week later. Seeing this photo made me laugh. And don't ask what I was doing. I must have been explaining something serious that required two fists. It's got to be one of the very few photos out there where I'm not smiling or making a goofy face.

And now I'm off to finish adding more beads to my Etsy shop and then take the rest of the day off to see the outstanding American Craft Council Show which is in Atlanta for a few days. Ah, bliss.