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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Etsy Seller Lost 5 Year Old Son- Needs Help

Folks, it's time for a little seriousness.  As a Mom, I can't imagine losing a child.  Especially one that is only 5 years old who was killed when crossing a street.  It makes me teary just thinking about little Zach Cruz.

Well that's what has just happened to one of our long time Etsy sellers, Jodie Cruz of PetalsPurses.  Her sister Jennifer, also an Etsy seller posted a thread about it.  You see, Jodie doesn't have enough to bury him.  

Etsy sellers and buyers are banding together to donate via paypal, sell specific items where the proceeds go to his fund, or even to buy the Etsy items to remedy this problem.

I know it's a tough economic for all of us.  But if you need something that is being sold to benefit little Zachary Michael Cruz, or have a spare couple of bucks to donate, or even have a few minutes to post in the thread, or even have an item to donate towards this cause, I'd sure appreciate it.  As a Mom, my heart hurts and as a human, I know this is one small place we can make a difference.