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Sunday, March 15, 2009

From Design Pattern to Bead

Well my ongoing creativity workshop, Finding Your Voice (my group is called "people who just won't leave", had an assignment a couple of weeks ago, that I thought might be interesting for all of you to try. I think it relates to other art forms other than just beadmaking.

We had to click on "random" under patterns on the Colour Lovers website that I recently mentioned. Then we had to interpret a bead from whatever design we received.

I was really happy to get this pattern because I've always loved paisleys, but knew it was far too complicated to
interpret the entire picture on one bead. I needed to
simplify and distill the main element out of it. Which of course was easy, because it was the same design made into a pattern.

I had to decide how many paisley elements I wanted and pondered between 1 and 3. It came down to, what would look best? Because I wasn't sure how intricate I would make them and how small I could make them, I chose just one.

I needed a deep green that had yellow in it for the base and a lighter bright green as well as aqua. That was easy too. Unfortunately, I didn't have the original with me and my memory didn't work. (that will teach me), the main teardrop shape should have been aqua and I would have liked it better. As Doris Day used to sing, "Que Sera Sera" (what will be, will be). And if I were ever making it again, (we're only allowed one shot in class), I would add more detail and contrast to my bead. This bead is about .8" tall, so I would stick to between one and three paisley designs on it still. (By the way, I put mod dots on the back- kept it to the 60's vibe)

And again, if I were making the bead one more time, I'd want to reconsider the shape of the bead. Would a flattened bicone be more interesting? If so, how would the paisley design be laid out? What about a large lentil with more of them on it? So the question of the day is, what shape would you make it and how would you interpret this design? I'd love to hear your opinion.