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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Multicolr Search Lab ~ Fun Color Resource

Have you seen this site before, Mutlicolr Search Lab by Idee? It's really fun. I've taken some screen shots to show you and example of what it does.

You start out with a blank grid. See the color box to the right? You click on a color and the grid fills with pictures that are primarily of that color. Next you choose another color, and the grid changes pictures to include that color with the first. So you get a visual blend.

You can continue doing this with up to 10 colors. I chose three. You can see each individual color in a bar shape below the multicolor box. To change colors, you can just click on the color bar and it erases it. If you want the same color twice to increase the amount of that shade in a photo, then just click twice. If you click on the actual square with the photo, it will bring you to the original on Alamy's website..

So how does it relate to beadmaking? To me, quite well. I can see what different proportions of a variety of colors would look like on a bead. I can also see different patterns, (which is a bonus) and switch things around to decide which colors of glass to use. Normally, I just hold the rods together and eyeball them, but this is a fun and creative way to perhaps look at things a little differently.

But I have a feeling that I might use this another way too. I would perhaps use this as a "color chip" to practice my glass color mixing as well. That first color that I tried, we don't have it exactly in our glass. I might just keep a screen of it nearby when I next mix some glass together to make a new shade.

If you go to the FAQ section on this page, there is information on how to work with the BYO Image Search Lab too. I have not tried it, but it says you can upload your own images to do a visual search. If any of you try this, could you please report back and let us know how it works for you?

Now you've got another fun tool to enjoy. Let me know how it might relate to you and the way you enjoy being creative..

See you tomorrow.