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Monday, March 9, 2009

It's All In The Snip- Easy Mandrel Cutters

I was recently asked about what tool did I use to cut my mandrels for the bead stands that I make..

Using 1/16th mandrels, I do my share of cutting them. I'm always bending them when taking off my beads, because I use a really strong bead release.

So this particular cable cutting pair of snips works really easily for my 1/16ths as well as my 3/32's. I haven't tried them on anything larger. My husband found this pair at Home Depot, but here is an online source that I found that also describes and sells them. I like these, because the ends cut crisply, so you don't need to take off any rough edges afterward. They also have "hot drop-forged of molybdenum alloy steel unbreakable blades", ergonomic handles that aren't too big for my hands and thick soft grips that are easy on them. Wow, I've always wanted something out of hot drop forged molybdenum. ( I even know how to pronounce it! woohoo.)

Anyhow, just wanted to show you what I use. If you have a great pair of cutters, please feel free to share with us what you use. And how large of a mandrel it cuts. Even a website would be cool.