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Monday, March 30, 2009

Packaging and Branding Your Art

Do you ever read's jewelry making section?  I receive an email once a week that includes some how-to's or topics of interest.

The post this week that was of interest to me was about packaging jewelry when selling online.

It seems like I've read a lot of posts where customers have said it doesn't much matter, as long as their purchase arrives safely, but I think a bit of extra care, really can help.

The article talks about this is your chance for branding your product.  If there is something about your work or business that the packaging can reinforce, then it makes a difference.  I agree.

I've included two basic jewelry boxes from Nashville Wraps, which is where I buy some of my supplies.  They're quick, and close to me, so shipping costs are reasonable too.

But I wanted to show you the difference between the two boxes, which both serve the same purpose, but in my mind, would be great for different types of beads.  The 80% recycled kraft paper box is very cool.  It would show that you are aware of current environmental recycling issues and to me, would look great with most beads.  In particular, if you specialized in organic style beads, I think the style would reinforce your look.  

The brown and pink one makes me think of glossy high fashion.  I picture beads with sparkle or detailed designs in these.  Girly floral encased beads or beadmakers who use these colors often would also do well with this style.  There are all kinds of colors for boxes or even organza bags out there to choose from to reinforce who you are and what you are selling.

Don't forget to include a business card in your package, so it's easy for your customer to contact you and tell you how much they love your art.  A short thank you to them never hurts either.

So when you're next ordering shipping supplies, look at your options, while also looking at prices.  See if there is something there that silently tells your customers a little more about who you are.  If you are one of my customers, you'll probably receive a new little box, but there will be recycled packaging materials inside- I guess I'm a combination of both worlds.

See you tomorrow,