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Friday, March 20, 2009

Easter Beads - Spring Is In The Air

There's something about Easter ceramics that just makes me smile.

The bright colors and simple patterns tend to be whimsical and happy. Besides, I've always liked bunnies.

Now is a great time to be making Easter egg and bunny type beads, if you are selling online.

If you don't do sculpture, Zoozii's has a great Egg Press which would give you the right shape to start with.

It would be very cool for you to use your usual style, but make it on an egg. For example, if you do "organic", make an egg like that to sell for this season. If you do "layered dots", then show your magic on one. And if you do "surface decoration" that's got to be the easiest of all. I can just picture flowers and vines across a pastel egg. Very pretty and marketable.

These pictures are from Fitz and Floyd's Easter line. It's never good to copy exactly, but don't they look like they could inspire some fun beads?

Their use of multiple styles of patterns- polka dots, lines, zig zags and checkers, would make some very cool springtime lampwork using similar colors. I think buyers are getting pretty tired of Winter and ready for warming up a bit.

So have you changed your beadmaking habits for this season or next holiday? What have you done differently? Tell us about it.