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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Arrow Springs' Hot Yellow Flyer- Cool Items

I received Arrow Springs' Hot Yellow Flyer yesterday and am already drooling over some of the items that they have listed.

I've just pilfered two of their photos to show you some of the items.

This first one I would like to buy, but I'm not sure how I'll use it. It either looks like fun or an instrument of torture. Probably a little of both.

It's called a Cross-Link Mandrel and the flyer says its a modified Emiko Big Hole Mandrel with places to add in small parts of mandrels so you can have holes in your beads. They are spaced 1/2" apart, so you can use it as a single if you want. This comes in various sizes and ranges from $10-20. I'm buying it, and will figure out how I'll use it when I can hold it in my hands and imagine better.

The second is the least expensive I've seen these stick on lenses. This is what I use inside of my didymiums. I have tried torching without them and feel like I might as well use braille. I will be buying more of these for sure. I use a higher number than my usual reading glasses. They help me see the tiny details that I like to add. Kate Fowle gave me this tip years ago.

Arrow Springs has other items that interest me too. They have Brent Graber's boro dvd. I took a class from him and loved it. I will put it on my birthday list. Ditto for the Penland book. But back to the sale items. There are two pair of small hemostats for $3.95. I use them with my glass work. I'll check out the ASK glass carefully to see if there are some colors I need before it's all gone. And of course I'll probably get something that I hear saying, "pick me!" too.

While on their website, sign up for their Artisan Advantage Program. It's free. Can't lose with early knowledge about sales, workshops, and members only info.