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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday Was For The Birds

For those of you who know me, I love birds.  I have bird feeders and bird baths in my back yard.  However, I was not prepared for this experience.

Yesterday morning I was awakened by a very odd sound.  And lots of them.  I laid in bed and listened.  It sounded like turkeys.

It felt like waiting forever until there was some daylight, but finally my husband and I went outside, armed with our little digital cameras.

About 40 feet up in our pine trees, were five very large wild turkeys calling to each other.  I think they were taunting each other over their flying skills, because when they finally took off, it looked like low altitude very large bowling balls with wings barely skimming the roof tops.

They first landed in the field behind our house.  It could throw you off, because I live in the suburbs of a 5 million + sized city, Atlanta, Georgia.  But we're so lucky to have this little pocket of nature behind us.  A very old half blind horse used to live there when we first moved in.  He used to enjoy munching on our pink cherry blossoms that hung over the fence in the Spring.

So these five turkeys enjoyed their bit of nature in the back lot and we watched for a long time as they strutted, fanned their feathers, made lots of noise and did their little turkey "look at me" dances.

I guess after that it was time to go 
check out the rest of the neighborhood, because they hopped the fence and started down the street.
You can see by comparing them to the mailbox, that these were not your Thanksgiving Day sized creatures, but ones who obviously were larger and far noisier than the frozen variety.

So that was my Sunday morning commune with nature.  I promise, tomorrow I'll get back to creativity, inspiration and glass chat.

I don't think that this gang roaming our streets will inspire any beads from me, but I wanted you to see that not all wild turkey comes in a glass bottle.

See you tomorrow!